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Am I a candidate to freeze my eggs?

Women with certain types of cancer, whose ovarian function and eggs can be damaged by treatment, are good candidates for oocyte cryopreservation, also known as egg freezing. Other women may choose to freeze their eggs if they are not ready to have children. Generally, egg freezing is offered to women under the age of 38. If you are considering freezing your eggs, discuss the process with your fertility doctor.

Can I get my tubes untied after a tubal ligation?

It is possible to reverse a tubal ligation after getting your tubes tied. This tubal ligation reversal surgery, in which a surgical specialist rejoins your severed fallopian tubes, is expensive and usually not covered by insurance. It is recommended you discuss your options with a fertility doctor before deciding upon a tubal ligation reversal, since there may be other considerations affecting your ability to become pregnant which should be taken into account.

What is makes a fertility doctor, or an infertility specialist, different from an ob/gyn?

Fertility doctors, called reproductive endocrinologists, treat infertility as well as other reproductive issues such as hormonal disorders, menstrual irregularities, or recurrent miscarriage. In order to be considered a fertility doctor, he or she must complete a two-to-three year fellowship in reproductive endocrinology, and must pass oral and written exams.

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